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When it comes to education, Chicago ranks high as well. The city is home to Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, consistently rated as one of the top five schools in the country for advanced degrees in business. Both DePaul University, an independent school with nearly 20,000 students, and the University of Illinois-Chicago, a public institution with an enrollment around 25,000, are well-known for their extensive offerings of quality educational programs.

City Colleges of Chicago are a collection of seven community colleges disbursed throughout the Chicago metro area. Founded in 1911 as a collaboration to help educate the city's immigrant and working class residents, the City Colleges have become a top choice for many students interested in receiving vocational training or two-year and transfer degrees.

In fact, Chicago and the surrounding suburbs host an impressive list of two and four-year colleges, universities, and professional schools that, in addition to those listed above include:


* Chicago State University


* Columbia College
* East-West University
* Illinois Institute of Technology
* Loyola University of Chicago
* Northeastern Illinois University
* Saint Augustine College
* St. Xavier University
* University of Chicago


The wide variety of educational facilities in the Chicago area allows students to find a program or school that fits their preferences and budgets. Tuitions range from around $1,000 per semester for state residents at public community colleges, to $5,000 per semester at state four-year facilities. In line with college costs across the country, tuition at some of the more exclusive private colleges can run over $20,000 per year. Room and board, parking and other fees can add to the costs.

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